Scope of Part P

    • Part P applies to electrical installations in buildings or parts of buildings comprising:
    • Dwelling houses and flats
    • Dwellings and business premises that have a common supply
    • Common Access areas in blocks of flats such as corridors and staircases
    • Shared amenities of flats such as laundries and gymnasiums
    • Part P also applies to parts of the electrical installations that are;
    • In or on land associated with the buildings i.e. fixed lighting and pond pumps in gardens
    • In outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages and greenhouses
    • Part P will also apply where a business premises and a dwelling share the same electricity supply meter.
    • Consider the example of a shop with a flat above
    • If they had separate supply meters, then Part P will apply to the flat, but NOT to the shop
    • If they share a meter then Part P will apply to both


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